Be Part of a Community

“I will establish My covenant between Me and you, and your offspring to come, as an everlasting covenant throughout the ages.” (Genesis 17:7)

Since its establishment with Abraham four millennia ago, God’s covenant has not been with one individual but with the entire community of Israel.  We fulfill our side of the covenant only in community.

And indeed, what better way is there to live but in community? What can be more fulfilling in our own lives than to make our neighbors’ pain more bearable or her joy more precious for being shared with others?

At Beth Israel, community is at the core of everything we do.  Being a small community, that means that young folks share their lives with our older members; that singles and couples call on each other as friends and companions along the way; that each of us individually counts in the lives of all of us collectively.

Living in community poses upon each of us the expectations and the rewards of being present in each other’s lives.  And truly, there is no more meaningful way to live.