Getting the Balance Right: Beth Israel Synagogue on the High Holidays

Traditional, yet responsive. 

At Beth Israel, you will find the traditional prayers and tunes you expect and love.  Yet our service eliminates much of the repetitiveness and anachronistic expression that can cause the mind to wander and the heart to become disengaged.  The goal of our services is always to be true to our tradition at its best so that you have room for the reflection and engagement that makes these days so awesome.

Comfortable, yet serious.  

Like the simple elegance of our sanctuary, our congregation is welcoming and without pretension.  You will be greeted by people who have never met you before,  but are truly glad you walked in.  Yet for all its simplicity, ours is a serious congregation where the work of personal reflection and accounting is at the heart of who we are.  Our services are enhanced by study sessions that allow one to engage with the rabbi and others in the community to deepen the work done through prayer and reflection.

Diverse, yet unified.  

At Beth Israel, we welcome all spiritual seekers to join us in the work of adding holiness to our lives.  New perspectives add subtlety and insight to timeless truths. Yet it is our faith in the strength of our Jewish traditions that allows us to welcome such diversity.  Judaism at Beth Israel is strong, vibrant and responsive to our spiritual needs - whatever those needs might be.

If you are still looking for a spiritual home that balances your or your family’s diverse needs, please visit Beth Israel Synagogue  on the High Holidays. Here we are always striving to get that balance just right.

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Rabbi Bruce Alpert