Beth Israel B'Yisrael 1

Our first days in Israel saw us touring the old city of Joffa (where oranges are no longer grown) and visiting the underground bullet factory where pre-state Israelis clandestinely manufactured bullets under the noses of the British. We also toured David Ben Gurion’s home in Tel Aviv (and his incredible library), and planted trees in Neot Kedumim - a biblical land preserve. We also visited Bina - a secular Yeshiva where we studied a passage of Talmud as a way of gaining insight into Israel’s illegal immigration problem. (Oh - and Nancy broke two fingers when she was run over by a dog on the beach!)

Travelling from Tel Aviv to Tsfat in the Northern Galil, we stopped first at Caesarea, the Roman city built by Herod the Great. We also visited Neve Michael - a foster home for at-risk youth throughout Israel and learned of their wonderful work in nurturing hundreds of children. The we saw the beautiful Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the holy spot of the Bahai religion, an off-shoot of Islam. We also visited the dazzling grottoes in Rosh Hanikra on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

Bruce Alpert