Beth Israel B'Yisrael 3

Sunday morning began at Robinson’s Arch, the space designated for mixed gender prayer at the Southern end of the Western Wall where Nancy, Marcy, Zev, Jasen and I led our morning service. Afterward we toured the City of David - the archaeological site that likely constitutes the original core of the city. We walked through the water tunnel dug by Hezekiah to protect the city’s water supply at the time of the Assyrian invasion. We toured the old city of Jerusalem and walked along the ramparts that surround it. We had the afternoon and evening as free time in the city - which was a good thing given the length of the days the preceded and followed. (The last picture is an aerial view of Marcy, Jeff, Ethan and Jasen heading off to dinner at Jerusalem’s Old train station!)

The next day was wild. We started at Mount Scopus for a panoramic view of the city, then it was off the to Dead Sea.

And then to the oasis of Ein Gedi

And finally, a very hot tour of the mountaintop fortress of Masada.

Bruce Alpert