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Welcome to Beth Israel Synagogue

We are an independent, egalitarian Jewish community that welcomes all spiritual seekers. Proud of our ancient faith, we combine the study of our sacred texts with prayer that is engaging emotionally and spiritually. In our charming, 100-year-old building, we nurture a community that is caring and joyful.


Interfaith Program

Join other interfaith couples as we explore the role religion and its culture plays in shaping our identity and our expectations in our most important relationship.


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  • Sunday ,
    FebFebruary  5 , 2023
    Tu b'shevat Celebration

    Sunday, Feb 5th 11:30a to 12:30p
    Have you ever wondered what is Tu B Shevat? Why is there a holiday for trees? And how is it celebrated? Please join us as we answer these questions and more as we celebrate the Birthday of the Trees. A light snack will be provided.


  • Tuesday ,
    FebFebruary  7 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people- Snapshot One: Who We Are

    Tuesday, Feb 7th 7:00p to 9:00p
    Judaism can trace its roots back nearly 4000 years; longer than just about any other Western civilization. For more than half that time, its adherents have been stateless. Who are we? Where did we come from? What do we believe? And what is it about us that makes us such tenacious survivors? Our first session will explore these questions as we try to get a sense of Jews as both historical people and a living civilization.


  • Tuesday ,
    FebFebruary  14 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people - Snapshot Two: People of the Books

    Tuesday, Feb 14th 7:00p to 9:00p
    Jews have long been associated with The Book - that is, the Bible. But that Book is itself a collection of books, and it has given rise to an entire library of books. In this session, we will browse through this library as we try to understand the Jewish relation to the written word and to the way those words have shaped our identity.


  • Tuesday ,
    MarMarch  7 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people - Snapshot Three: A Year in the Life

    Tuesday, Mar 7th 7:00p to 9:00p
    Judaism is very much tied to its unique calendar. That calendar colors our sense of time and the sense of how our lives play out over time. In this session we will explore the unique functioning of the Jewish calendar, and dive into the holidays that not only regulate our behavior, but seek to develop our character.


  • Tuesday ,
    MarMarch  14 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people - Snapshot Four: The World’s Oldest Hate

    Tuesday, Mar 14th 7:00p to 9:00p
    Antisemitism is nearly as old as Judaism. Like a virus, it mutates to survive - infecting the world with its unique pathology. What is it about antisemitism that is so persistent? Is there something in Judaism itself that gives rise to it? And is it possible that an essential part of Jewish identity lies in confronting this terrible prejudice?


  • Tuesday ,
    MarMarch  21 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people - Snapshot Five: The Old New

    Tuesday, Mar 21st 7:00p to 9:00p
    The emergence of Zionism in the late 19th and early 20th century upended a nearly 2000 history of Jewish statelessness. Zionism presents itself as the essential tool for Jewish survival in a world that has never ceased to turn against its Jewish citizens. And yet it also poses a challenge to the view of Judaism as a universal faith - one that need not be rooted in a particular soil. In this session, we will address this conflict as we seek to understand our relationship with the Jewish state.


  • Tuesday ,
    MarMarch  28 , 2023
    An introduction to a unique people - Snapshot Six: Coming to America

    Tuesday, Mar 28th 7:00p to 9:00p
    The United States has alternately been understood by Jews as The Golden Country and The Unkosher Country. Jews have known more success and more acceptance in America than any other land of their sojourning. And they have also witnessed more assimilation and ultimately disappearance here than anywhere else. We will conclude our introductory exploration of Judaism by asking how we understand our dual roles as Americans and Jews. What are our obligations to our past, our present and our future? What choices do we need to make to continue this long history that we have inherited? And ultimately, are we willing to make those choices?



Sat, January 28 2023 6 Shevat 5783