What draws you to religion?

  • Spirituality
  • Relationship with G-d
  • Community
  • Tradition and heritage

Here at Beth Israel, we explore this question in various ways, whether through our well-attended weekly Torah study sessions, our cozy Shabbat services, or our family-style celebrations. We are a small congregation, where members feel valued and comfortable to ask any question.

Congregation Beth Israel warmly welcomes Jewish individuals & families, interfaith and non-traditional. Check out our calendar of upcoming events here. Please join us!

Our dues structure:

  • Family - $1,100.00 per year
    • Married couple
    • Married Couple with child(ren)
    • Single Parent with child(ren)
  • Single - $650.00 per year
    • Single, unmarried, or divorced adult

If a person or family joins the synagogue after the High Holidays, dues are 3/4 the stated amount. If joining after January 1st, dues are 1/2 of the stated amount.

Building – Same amount for family or single membership $300, payable as follows:

  • $100 due after the first year
  • $50 due for next four years
  • Or, all at one time!

The building fund must be paid in full before a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or funeral.